6/27/17 11:50am.


I remember when I was first asked to take pictures of cocktails and wine, I thought to myself, “oh shit”. The thing is if you show confidence, people will believe it. My focus has always been food, and cocktails are a totally different animal. My plan was to fully immerse myself in cocktail photography. I stalked every Instagram page that had cocktails photos and tried to copy them. I watched every Youtube video I could find, and I took pics of cocktails every chance that I got. Now cocktail photography is my favorite.

I recently, went to a Yelp event and it focused on food photography tips. I was surprised about the questions I was hearing. Let’s just say I’m going to do a food and photography event in the near future.

This is one of the newest cocktails from Restaurant Orsay. They have THE BEST HAPPY HOUR in Jacksonville. It’s 4-7pm everyday and 11-7pm on Saturday.

SAILOR’S PASSAGE: Rhum Barbancourt Blanc, Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, Giffard Thyme liqueur, orgeat, verjus, grilled pineapple shrub, soda water


  • Address: 3630 Park St
    Jacksonville, FL 32205


  • Phone number:(904) 479-2209
  • Website:

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