6/19/17 3:06pm.

I’ve been trying to go less and less on my dairy intake. I think it’s giving me really bad headaches. I went from latte(about 7oz. milk), to cappuccino(6.oz), to cortado(5oz.), and now I’m on macchiato’s (4oz.). I recently moved to San Marco and Bold Bean San Marco has slowly become by office. There’s something about the vibes here. All of the creative people hang out here, the staff makes it feel like home, it feels like a museum with a coffee shop inside, and I just get shit done when I’m here. This latte art is by Karina. She just started working here and is originally from Kookaburra in St. Augustine. Her latte art is always on point and I can just feel her vibe. The vibe that screams I know what the fuck I’m doing and it shows in her latte art and when you taste coffee that she pours.


Bold Bean Coffee Roasters – San Marco

  • 1905 Hendricks Ave
    Jacksonville, FL 32207

    San Marco 

  •  Phone number (904) 853-6545

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