The Bearded Pig – BBQ or nah? 5/14/16


The pig with a beard is the newest nomstablishment to hit the BOOMING Jacksonville food scene. I was hungry, so I hit up my friend and photographer extraordinaire Kristen. The choices were BB’s or The Bearded Pig. It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and my friend Kristen wanted to sit outside at BB’s and I agreed. But when I got there, I just wasn’t feeling it. The Bearded Pig just happened to be around the corner and I was feeling froggy.


Vision Statement


I quickly scanned the menu and all i saw was Meat $5, Sandwich $9. Then, I see platters and one of them was the San Marco platter $22. My prayers have been answered :closes menu.


Picture by: Kristen Penoyer

The San Marco Platter: The platter consists of 1/4LB each of 2 meats, 1/4 rack ribs, 1/4 chicken + 2 sides

I go up to place my order and I go to choose my 2 meats. I told the lady for meat number 1 I would like ribs again please, she says that is not an option and that I have to pick out of Brisket, Sausage, and her favorite Pulled Pork. I chose Pulled Pork and Brisket to go along with 1/4 rack ribs, 1/4 chicken, mac and cheese,  and fries.

What did I think of the BBQ you ask? I’ll tell you right meow that I’m spoiled from eating BBQ at Gilbert’s Underground Kitchen in Fernandina Beach. But, but….I do like The Bearded Pig’s BBQ.

At $22 you get this whole platter. It is a STEAL. I split it with my friend and we paid $11 bucks each. Can I live?? Why yes you can Nate.

TBP’s sides are all vegetarian. They also have a seasonal item on the menu, but they didn’t have anything this time =(. One thing I would like to see on the menu is sweet potatoes(c’mon their vegetarian!).


Pic by The Bearded Pig. This is their big boy smoker!


***Didn’t like

Chicken: I took a bite of the chicken leg and it was dry. Kristen ate the other piece and she said it wasn’t dry. Touché.

Mac and Cheese – It tasted like blue box mac and cheese, but not as good. We took 2 bites each and gave up. It needs more love IMO. Maybe add another kind of cheese?


Fries: The fries are done right. Lightly crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Not too skinny and not too fat. I kept telling myself that I wanted some Hawaiian sweet rolls to make mini bbq sammies, but fries took its place. I still say serve some bread with the platter.

Brisket, Pork ribs, and Pulled Pork.

1st place: Pulled Pork

2nd place: Brisket

3rd place Ribs

Sauces: I liked all the sauces, but the XXX was my favorite.

Next time, I’m going to pull the ribs, chop up the brisket, and double up on pulled pork and put it on top of the fries and hit it with the XXX and Sweet spot BBQ sauce.




Sauce boss: DJ Mustard, Sweet spot, XXX, The OG

**3 Tips

  1. Don’t park at the Locals bar next door, buy a drink or your car will get towed. Park across the street.
  2. At $22 The San Marco Platter is best bang for your buck. Next time I’m going to pull the ribs, chop up the brisket, and double up on pulled pork and put it on top of the fries and hit it with the XXX and Sweet Spot BBQ sauce.
  3. Try all the sauces


Picture by: Thebeardedpigbbq on Instagram

TBP is a cool spot, its like family reunion BBQ in the back.

In the end, The Bearded Pig is nice addition to the San Marco area and to Jacksonville itself. If you want to try something




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