New Restaurant: Coast at The Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island 3/14/16

The Ritz-Carlton.

When you hear the name, you think luxury.

So when I got invited to try out the brand new restaurant called “Coast at The Ritz-Carlton” in Amelia Island, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Coast is a modern American, seafood centered restaurant that focuses on local purveyors and a seasonal menu. I skimmed the menu before I went, and my stomach was set on the Lobster Roll.


All pictures were taken by Kristen Penoyer , except for the last picture
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Let’s throw open the doors and see what Coast has to offer

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Coast partners with local fishermen, farmers, and craftsmen to bring you the highest quality ingredients to your plate

My favorites

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Sweet Potato & Coconut Soup | Pickled Raisins | Toasted Coconut Granola | Bacon

Two of my favorite things are Sweet Potato and Coconut, so this was an easy choice for my appetizer. I was expecting a small bowl, but then this kiddie pool of soup came out.  Suffice to say, this portion could easily feed three people. I loved it.  It was like silky sweet potato pie with a kiss of coconut at the end. It also had little zaps of flavor from the pickled raisins, toasted coconut granola, and bits of bacon. I could have destroyed the whole bowl, but I had to save room for the symphony of plates that was to come….burp.

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Lobster Roll | Lobster Salad | Brioche Bun

In Lobster Roll I trust. I was super happy that the Ritz doesn’t skimp on the sweet, succulent Lobsta chunks. It also came on a lightly toasted and buttered brioche bun. When I took a bite, the lobster overflowed onto my plate. The rolls came with a side of house made BBQ waffle chips – mmMmMm.

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House-made Pastrami on Rye Sourdough| Beef | Heirloom Tomatoes | Queso Fresco

While the focus is on seafood, Coast absolutely kills it with their House-made Pastrami Sandwich. This sandwich hits your mouth like a smoke bomb. Not too moist, not too dry, just right.  “Why is it so good?”,  you ask? It’s because the pastrami is made with love. It goes through a twelve day process before hitting your plate. First, the pastrami is brined for ten days, then rubbed down with spices and dropped in a smoker for four hours, and lastly sous vide for 24 hours. This sandwich strikes me as something that would be featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. If I lived closer, I would devour these for lunch all the time.

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The chef came out after all those courses and brought us some Blue Crab Deviled Eggs. Man, these were the silkiest deviled eggs! The chef must have whipped the eggs for hours to get them like that. Not to mention they came with a healthy serving of blue crab on top.

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From left to right: The Ritz Carlton Signature Chocolate Cake, Salted Caramel Mousse , Blood Orange Cheesecake,  Blackberry Buttermilk Panna Cotta

I’ve been thinking about the dessert menu from the start. The director was telling us about a special dessert, but it wasn’t available for lunch and they didn’t have the prep to make it on the spot. (#sadface) On the other hand, they did mention a dessert tray. Our waitress came over with a tray of sin and asked us to choose. She started explaining each dessert and all I heard was “Blood Orange Cheesecake”. I knew I wanted the Blood, but I couldn’t neglect the other three beautiful desserts, so I got one of each. I don’t care how full you are, how can you say no to this?!


I got the w h o l e  w o r l d in my hand!

My hands-down favorite was The Signature recipe Ritz Carlton Chocolate Cake. They have that recipe down pat! I had to ask them, “Why is it so good?” Well the recipe was chosen from dozens of recipes from Ritz-Carlton’s around the world. After getting all the recipes, 20 staff members from Ritz did a blind taste test to pick the winner. The cake starts with a moist layer of Double Chocolate Fudge Cake, Grand Marnier Orange Ganache, Double Chocolate Fudge Cake again, Chocolate Mouse, then another Double Chocolate Fudge Cake layer. Its then wrapped in a chocolate Ritz-Carlton branded shell, and topped with White Chocolate Rice Krispy balls and a strawberry. This is a must try!


In the end, I would definitely recommend trying out Coast at The Ritz-Cartlon in Amelia Island. You can’t go wrong with fresh seafood, overstuffed lobster rolls, the house-made Pastrami sandwich, or the signature chocolate cake.

A special Thank You to Joe, Coast, and The Ritz-Carlton for the hospitality!



4750 Amelia Island Parkway

Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Phone Number: (904) 277-1100


Coast at The Ritz-Carlton in Amelia Island








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