7 reasons why The new Winn-Dixie is A foodies paradise

Winn-Dixie or Publix?

This is a question that many Jacksonvillians face. Publix is great, but not all Winn-Dixie’s are created equal. A couple weeks ago, I got invited to go to the grand opening of the new, modern Winn-Dixie on Baymeadows. What’s funny is one of my 1st jobs was at the Winn-Dixie across the street from my house. The event was really fun and I got to meet a lot of people from local TV and radio stations.




New front


The sneak peak also included a 5-Course wine pairing dinner. #bloodorange =)

IMG_9127Thanksgiving mode

IMG_9194 (1)

Course 3: Grass fed filet and wine on wine. I got to sit next to Lori Stubblefield from Stubbees Honey. Stubbees is a local honey company that literally started from the bottom. When her son as 16, he convinced his mom to buy him two beehives. Fast forward to now and Stubbees in more than 50 Winn-Dixie locations, Native Sun, The Hyppo, Grassroots, and the St. Augustine Distillery to name a few. Thank you for sending me the Raw Organic Creamed Mango Honey Lori!


Before you go in, it’s vital to choose the right size cart for you shopping needs. You can go with the big boy, feed a family cart or you can go with this medium size cart. It’s quite stealthy when zipping around Winn-Dixie. I like this one best because ain’t nobody got time to lug around a little heavy basket thats about to break your arm or push around a heavy clunky big cart.


They even have a cart for the little ones


Welcome table

7 Reasons why Winn-Dixie is a Foodie’s Paradise

  1. LOOK AND FEEL. This is not your typical Winn-Dixie folks. The outside is bright blood red and white. It sticks out like a red rose in a garden. When you walk in its a huge open space. It has huge 6 foot tall letters on the wall so navigation is easy: CHEESE, BUTCHER, SEAFOOD, AND MY FAVORITE: THE KITCHEN!  IMG_9153It feels like a modern Whole Foods inside. Most shelves and displays are lower than usual so you won’t need ask any tall folk to help getting something off the top shelf for you. IMG_9187

2. MINI DONUTS. This store has a machine that fries mini donuts! You get to watch them pour the donut batter into the machine it coughs out a lil donut inner tube, then it floats to the middle of the donut frying lazy river, then it gets flipped to cook the other side and then flipped into a basket to cool down. That’s enough reason to go by itself and the kicker is it’s only $2 bucks for a little bag of them. Donut + coffee= win!IMG_0484

Homer Simpson voice: ErmMmM d o n u t.

IMG_9204 (1)Lazy Donut River

3. BBQ,Meat and Cheese. This Winn-Dixie has its own smokehouse. Brisket and pulled pork is slow cooked in house for 10 – 12 hours. At the sneak preview, my eyes lit up as I saw the menu board: Burnt Ends Grilled Cheese sandwich. IMG_9501

Prices on reasonable

They weren’t serving it yet, but I put it on my to eat list. Mr. Burnt Ends I am coming for you and a couple of days later i did just that. This grilled cheese is very limited and you have to go damn near when they open to get it before they run out. I went early on a Saturday, but some of my friends haven’t been able to get there hands on one.  IMG_9508Burnt Ends Grilled Cheese in the flesh #ithurtssogoodIMG_0486 They even have a meat locker (dry aging meat case), in which chosen cuts of meat can be custom aged to a customer’s liking. I can’t wait to try one of these monsters of meat.IMG_0487#Brontosaurus ribsIMG_9144 WD will have +350 local and international artisanal cheeses and a trained American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Steward on-hand with recommendations and pairings. There will be up to 30-40 local artisanal cheeses, and this will be the first Winn-Dixie to offer a full-range of grass-fed cheeses.

4)Pizza. Winn-Dixie chefs are making signature pizzas. The sauces, and marinades from scratch and there cooking it in there very own stone hearth pizza oven. They have your typical pepperoni and supreme pizzas, but two flavors tickle my fancy. Nutella & Banana and the infamous Smore’s Pizza.

5)Organic and local. The store puts an emphasis on Organic. It offers over 4,000 natural and organic products and hosts the brand new, health food store-within-a-store called Naturally Better. Over 2,600 of these natural and organic products will be completely new. Local support features: Stubbees Honey, St. Augustine’s  San Sabastian Wine, Cupcakes from Cupcake 50, Sweet Pete’s candies and Fresh Jax spices.IMG_0491Stubbees Honey

IMG_9164Ghost pepper #fuegoIMG_0478Blue Velvet and Sweet Potato Cupcakes from local Cupcakerie: Cupcake 50.

6) The Bakery will have at least 10 varieties of artisanal breads baked daily and 11 flavors of gluten-free bread. Customers will also enjoy bagels and butter croissants baked fresh dailyIMG_9163

Carb so hardIMG_0483Product of ItalyIMG_0482Puff daddy

7) Coffee and Gelato IMG_9160Looking modernIMG_9198Dessert Sampler from the 5-Course dinner: Winn-Dixie warm sugared mini donuts, Tuxedo truffle cake, Vanilla gelato with balsamic drizzle and sea salt, and Lavazza Espresso. Pro-tip: Dip your donut in the espresso! #nomnomjaxIMG_9141Gelato


In the end, this new Winn-Dixie is doing all the right things and gives “The beef people” a bright future. I hope they do this to all of there stores especially the one across the street from my house. This is a must go for anyone who eats, that means everybody! Thank you for the invite Tiffany!


10915 Baymeadows Road (near I-295 and Whiskey Jax)

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Phone: (904) 519-9952






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