The Candy Apple Cafe 2/17/15


Candy Apple Cafe doesn’t feel like Jacksonville. It feels like an attraction you would find in St. Augustine or Orlando. It’s in a huge white house looking building and shares it space with Sweet Pete’s “candy factory”. They specialize in french food with a southern twist, unique cocktails, and sweets of course.

I’ve only been to the Candy Apple once and it was for brunch when they 1st opened. All I remember was damn those Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are the shit! And they serve brunch all day! #brunchgamestrong

One thing The Candy Apple Cafe takes pride in is everything in the kitchen is made from scratch. All the stocks, soups, dressings, you name it.

I got invited to try out more from The Candy Apple Cafe, so I hit up the best photographer in the world Kristen and we hit the streets.


All pictures were taken by Kristen Penoyer
Check out her sexy photos at
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If you’re feeling fancy you can can get escargot(snails), or you can do like me and get the Artisan Cheeseboard and the Candied Cherrywood Bacon. They have a unique play on chicken wings called Buffalo Chicken Cracklins. It’s dehydrated chicken skins that are baked until crispy, then they hit it w/ Buffalo sauce, celery slaw, and house-made blue cheese dressing. Man I love Chicken skin it hurts so good. I’m getting it next time!


Cheese board


Candied Cherrywood Bacon #inbaconwetrust


Hmmm what to drink? Scanning through the cocktail menu, I see Rock Candy Candy Old Fashioned. ::closes menu, thats the one!


Rock Candy Old Fashioned: Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon, Demeara Syrup, Jerry Thomas Decanter Bitters, Sweet Pete’s Black Cherry Rock Candy Swizzle

My friend Kristen says: “Where else can you get candy with your booze. I ask you? It was a great night at The Candy Apple Cafe, where the creativity and whimsy fly fast and furious. This cocktail hits hard, with strong notes of clove, vanilla, herbs, and cola. Don’t like too-sweet drinks? Me neither. Just pop the swizzle out when the sugar is to your liking, then kick your feet up and enjoy.”



The Candy Apple Cafe does some cool events too like the Candy & Cocktail Classes. $35 will get you light appetizers, a candy making demonstration and two signature cocktails from the bar. Reservations are required.

  • Upcoming Dates:
    • 19 February 2016 6:30 pm
    • 18 March 2016 6:30 pm
    • 15 April 2016 6:30 pm
    • 20 May 2016 6:30 pm
    • 17 June 2016 6:30 pm

They also have great happy hour specials: Chicken and waffles =)


On every 1st Wednesday of the month. The Candy Apple Cafe hosts a Porch Party. It’s like a lil Mardi Gras: happy hour, live music, and it’s during Art Walk.


Im all about trying new things that aren’t on the menu so we hit the specials menu hard. Wild Boar Ragout? Who does that? Nobody! Instaget. Hybrid Striped Bass Florentine? I got a little time. We really wanted to get the Rock Shrimp Spring Rolls but we already had a cheese plate and bacon. Gotta save room for entrees and dessert of course #priorites


Hybrid Striped Bass Florentine – Lemon-Caper Herb Butter, Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, White Cornmeal Hushpuppies

I was really hoping for a whole fish that stared at me as I ate it, but I got this. Oh well, less work.  It as nice moist (thats for you Brit) piece of fish with soul food greens drowned in Lemon-Caper herb butter mMmM. It tasted even better the next day for lunch.


Wild Boar Ragout – Pearl Pasta “Risotto”, Sundried Tomatoes, Roast Garlic Yeast Rolls, Parmesean

It tasted like red wine pulled pork and the pearl pasta but a nice detour from the typical noodles.


I couldn’t wait for dessert! We we’re pretty stuffed at this point, but i always have room for dessert. There was people beside us giving our apples the googly eyes so I walked over and shared some. One of them was a bartender at J. Alexanders and we ended up there a couple of days later. I loved this dessert you get that crunch and tang from the green apple, chewy but firm sweet chocolate, then you get that caramel drip down your chin and marshmallows as a bonus..damn I’m getting hungry.


Rocky Road – Granny Smith Apple, Sweet Pete’s Homemade Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Homemade Marshmallow, and Roasted salted Georgia Pecans


Paradise is very nice


The Candy Apple Cafe is definitely a spot you need to experience. Brunch all day, an awesome happy hour, unique cocktails, sweets, events, what else do you need?


Address:400 N Hogan St
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: (904) 353-9717
Yelp: The Candy Apple Cafe




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