Coffee and Chill Event at Vagabond Coffee 2/6/16

I’ve been going to Vagabond Coffee since they opened last year and I can’t get enough. It’s a cozy lil spot with good vibes, vintage feel, primo pastries, the coolest lil army of succulent plants and the hottest barista ever. A couple of weeks ago, I got sick and just happened to be on Sprinkle Pop Tart Friday. My friend Millie picked me up and Operation Pop Tart was a go.


My 1st Pop Tart

That 1st bite. The 1st thing i thought about was damn this thing should win awards. I remember saying I’m so glad i got sick hhahhah but it was true. That Pop Tart was stamped my mind for the next couple of days. My birthday is on February 25th and the thought came to me. Bday Sprinkle Pop Tart Party!

1x Pop Tart

1x One Quiche

1x Cortado or Latte

I told my friend Millie about it and she was on board. Next mission was operation talk to the owner Will. Millie planted the seed and the meeting was set. I told him about my menu and he told me about his thoughts. He told me about turning it into a 3-Course Coffee pairing event. This was the final menu. We even incorporated Blood Oranges into the mix. =) note: love the collaboration with rests that are just as excited as me

1x Smore’s Tart /  1x Espresso Shot

1x Quiche / 1x Cappucino

1x Blood Orange Coffee Specialty Cocktail w/ Brûléed Blood Orange Garnish / 1x Sprinkle Pop Tart

The morning of the event it was cold AF, the plan was to do the event outside in the alley at the shop, and I wasn’t about that freeze my ass off life. I sent a text to to Will and we talked about moving the event inside or next door at The Murray Hill  Theatre. We ended up at the theatre and damn it was a sexy set up!


The Calm before the storm


Rock Band set up in the Murray Hill Theatre


1st Course: Espresso and Smore’s Tart


Quiche on Quiche


Sugar rush


The owner Will, Creme Brûléein blood oranges


Blood Orange Espresso Cocktail with Brûléed Blood Orange garnish


Once you pop, you can’t stop


I took helm of the torch after the event! #yogaflame #crackspoon




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