A New York Minute – Volume 1

I have been going to NYC with my cousin for food/city adventures for the last 3 years. Here is a snippet of adventure.

 photo IMG_7683_zpspq373tgt.jpg

I was watching A Chef’s table on Netflix and one of the chefs would go to museums and he found inspiration from some of the art pieces. One of them  was taxidermy pigeons hanging from the rafters and they were shitting on art pieces lol. He thought it was genius he knew that in order to reinvent Italian cooking he would need to shit on the generation of cooks before him lol

My cousin loves art and Jay-Z raps about museums so I decided to look for inspiration myself. This is a picture of a guy that was drawing one of the statues inside The Brooklyn Museum.

The 1st food adventure my cousin and i went on we had one of the best desserts of our lives. I saw on this dessert on the food network and knew that I had to have it. It was a red velvet twinkie from Empire Cake. Its not soft and giggly like a normal twinkie, its cuts like a thick piece of cake and hits the soul with sugar like sweet tea. I remember i was in the basement at my uncles house. My cousin got home late n  came down and said man i wish we would of bought more of those g damn twinkies. I told her guess what? I have an extra one in fridge. Ill never forget the look of giggety on her face as i told her that. We split that bad boy in half and devoured it. It is truly a devilish dessert. I heard that this place closed but as we were running the streets I saw an oasis that looked the twinkie spot and it was it! We dove in and got some twinkles to go to eat while roaming around the museums.

This is a picture of a lil ramen shop that was proud of there A food inspection rating.

This is a picture of one of the tables inside Okonomi in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I heart this place. They serve a traditional Japanese breakfast. Its the definition of simplicity at its finest. Its a tiny spot that seats less than 15 people. They transport you to another place when you walk in . All of the wood and concrete slatey walls, the beautiful flowers and minimalist design, its like a karate dojo for food.

When we first got seated, they put us beside a solo eater from new york, she says to us: let me guess you all are from california? i ask y? because your so nice, usually new yorkers keep to themselves. Funny thing is i’m from California lol

Tradition Japanese breakfast? I got a little time. A typical Japanese desayuno (spanish for morning meal) involves one soup, one main dish, and two sides, plus rice and pickled vegetables. It was a beautiful thing to watch the waitress drop off a symphony of plates on our table. Too pretty to eat, we took a thousand pictures. Okonomi was recently featured in the New York Times food section. Lord, I didn’t want the masses to find this spot and the prices go up.





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