I have a huge Blood Orange tree at my old house.

Last year my dad let me try one and I was hooked. A couple weeks later I had a Chocolate Dessert with Blood Oranges at Matthew’s that ignited a fire in me. It inspired me do a 5-Course dinner focused on Blood Oranges at The Blind Rabbit. Fast forward to now and Blood Orange season has returned. Blind Rabbit said no, so I reached out to Kitchen on San Marco and the rest was history.

After dinner we did a white elephant gift exchange and played rock, paper, scissors for a bottle of Carve Vodka. Thank you Carve for the vodka!

All pictures were taken by Kristen Penoyer
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 photo 1512154636_zpsl6h00voq.jpg

Jingle bells

 photo 1512154625_zpsiypofryi.jpg


 photo 1512154634_zpsxs1eb78q.jpg

Welcome back

 photo 1512154617_zpsujy73qrh.jpg

Game of Thrones table style – Squad

 photo 1512154633_zps2vqldfur.jpg

Blood Orange Sangria – Blood Orange frozen in Ice Cubes

 photo 1512154689_zpsk4vsx2fe.jpg


 photo 1512154690_zpskeeha874.jpg

Tableside cocktails for the VIP ticket holders

 photo 1512154693_zpstw8vhjsp.jpg


 photo 1512154695_zpszpnynyz5.jpg

Blood Orange Starfruit

 photo 1512154645_zpsnzlhvagr.jpg

Blood Orange Atlantic Yellowtail Ceviche

 photo 1512154656_zpswizntw2k.jpg

Short Rib and Bacon Grilled Cheese + beard

 photo 1512154671_zpsqrbvb0dw.jpg

Candied Blood Orange Carrot and Lamb Ragout

 photo 1512154665_zpsvarbfqnl.jpg

Candied Blood Orange Carrot and Lamb Ragout Pt. 2

 photo 1512154677_zpswkh9ygoa.jpg

Burnt Blood Orange Pork Ribs

 photo 1512154703_zpsr0f3mdu9.jpg

Blood Orange Chocolate Torte + Bacon

 photo 1512154712_zpsscpu1okb.jpg


 photo 1512154714_zpsqutmb1n3.jpg

Hamburger Pillow + $5 off any future Nom Nom event = best gift ever

 photo 1512154720_zpse1quadtg.jpg

Bacon board game

 photo 1512154722_zpstobfv8uh.jpg

 photo 1512154729_zpsc9up4yc7.jpg

Rock, Paper, Scissors

 photo 1512154733_zpslrkpetek.jpg

Ha! Got em!

 photo 1512154738_zps9d6nknbb.jpg


 photo 1512154744_zpsnmsnnys2.jpg

Matt is the Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion

 photo 1512154749_zps135b7y3n.jpg

Kristen with The Kitchen on San Marco crew

 photo 1512154638_zpsueesz4ho.jpg

 photo 1512154626_zpsx4lvwfh7.jpg

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