Tour de Farm 2015 – Slow Food First Coast 11/30/15

According to Slow Food First Coast. The Slow Food First Coast Tour de Farm 2015 provides the community with a first-look into the fall harvest and an opportunity to learn about our local food system. Join us – and folks from across the First Coast – to see where your food comes from and meet the farmers who produce it!

Take part in the Slow Food First Coast journey to strengthen the connection between local food, strong farms and healthy communities. Individuals, families, cyclists, groups and businesses are invited to sample delicious ‘farm to fork’ dishes prepared by local chefs and artisans, attend educational workshops, enjoy a walking tour of the farms, plus much more.

I heard about the Tour de Farm when I was shopping at Native Sun. I have always wanted to go to Black Hog Farm and Cognito Farm. My friend Kristen was shooting the Tour de Farm for Slow Food First Coast so I tagged along. The plan was hit 5 farms, but we ended up hitting 4. Enjoy the pictures!

All pictures were taken by Kristen Penoyer
Check out her sexy photos at
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 photo 11212111_1656982324576845_1364394852335391176_o_zpst5ajfwkd.jpg

1st stop: Cognito Farm

 photo 12244363_1656982581243486_5554317916898939717_o_zpsxsebzlml.jpg

We were literally in the field face to face with these cows. I felt like a bull fighter, not going to lie I was kinda scared. The field had land mines spread throughout AKA huge piles of cow shit. It was like Saving Private Ryan out there.

 photo 12185440_1656982511243493_5842392866025673063_o_zps3c7u2zt4.jpg

Eat mor chikin

 photo 12238156_1656982724576805_8339112288894267143_o_zpsi9w08f4i.jpg

Showing Cognito Farm’s pigs

 photo 12244371_1656982784576799_3310395945510297398_o_zpsiyf3ip1v.jpg

Cognito Farms bacon

 photo 12247810_1656982321243512_4915233713533963519_o_zpsmrhlcnwz.jpg

Signing up at Coginito Farm

 photo 11235462_1656982984576779_5774152409632049274_o_zps8ossl5eu.jpg

Chef Tom Gray from Moxie in the lab

 photo 12273743_1656983021243442_5592276241089492389_o_zpsp7wv3at2.jpg

Mise en place

 photo 11950331_1656983041243440_8318064966147251612_o_zpszfvvnr09.jpg

Pork Schnitzel: Cognito Farm Pork, “Redneck Risotto”, Smokey Tomatoes, Chow Chow, and Upland Cress

 photo 12248173_1656984111243333_2539725037346083170_o_zpsz29o7uru.jpg

 photo 12240423_1656983944576683_3153221165646554657_o_zpsdvd0xdxv.jpg

This kid was helping sell veggies. I bought some Bok Choy because we literally watched them pull it out of the ground and my parents love it. The lady told me about his hustle mentality and I tipped him a buck. His face lit up. I remember being young and hustle focused. I use to iron my money so it was crispy and then I would wad it together mob style with a rubber band….thug life.

 photo 12244758_1656983957910015_5886498017714786387_o_zps1paw2hit.jpg

 photo 12244425_1656983517910059_5071709147407974362_o_zpsnb0i6st0.jpg

Bok Choy picking at Urban Folk Farm

 photo 12248052_1656983637910047_9081239108313499807_o_zpsgdi92139.jpg


 photo 12240220_1656983604576717_372619606664981834_o_zpskfsaibgp.jpg

Fruits of their labor

 photo 12273588_1656983787910032_3129004477717736824_o_zpssx3enhun.jpg

 photo 12195074_1656983831243361_9124641669117997874_o_zpsy34toxxm.jpg

 photo 12244832_1656984654576612_8661538014134729817_o_zps256czytr.jpg

 photo 12265936_1656984497909961_8241201167224003398_o_zpsmmas8v2f.jpg

Some Lord of the Rings Hobbit boot plants

 photo 12244317_1656984441243300_3760818876780777221_o_zpsxix7faxo.jpg

 photo 12240443_1656984271243317_4052236654265111379_o_zps6htgwluw.jpg

Farm to table: Francis Mallman style

 photo 12232844_1656984381243306_4652875213628266809_o_zps45u0bkth.jpgChef Rosario cooking local tilapia from Urban Folk Farm

 photo 12265577_1656985141243230_7232250282454430253_o_zpsskllng3u.jpg

Hunger games

 photo 12194647_1656984974576580_3662171881624002857_o_zpsekyyr3z8.jpg

Sweet Potato

 photo 12247935_1656985331243211_323271971969049007_o_zpse2xktruk.jpgWe saved the best for last: Conagree and Penn!

 photo 12232890_1656985507909860_3288995982183261534_o_zpsyqjiiikk.jpg

This guy was selling venus fly traps. I should of bought one!

 photo 12265813_1656985651243179_2637361966197909114_o_zpsoqjigvej.jpg

Tractor tour

 photo 12244248_1656985414576536_1272986879312642089_o_zpsl3633aro.jpg

Kids farming middlins

 photo 12273622_1656986027909808_3290373507228406564_o_zpsz4qvtdpl.jpg

 photo 11707766_1656985894576488_5561913429760747791_o_zpsuqjpjoyc.jpg

Chef Sean van den Berg from Orsay serving the good stuff

 photo 12238086_1656985611243183_6577386078254350449_o_zpsmgfxd8kb.jpg

Conagree Farms Rice Middlins, North Carolina Flounder, and Shrimp Étouffée

 photo 12239427_1656985781243166_6823561337930957393_o_zps6fdpzn8q.jpg

Not going to lie, I went back in line twice. Then, we went to Orsay for happy hour.

 photo 12247810_1656986171243127_3524306407994167048_o_zpssuyu5uww.jpg


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