Sweet Dreams at Motion Sweets Recap 11/3/15

I love to eat.

To me, a meal is never complete without dessert. I don’t care how much I eat, there will always be a lil pocket in my stomach – labeled “dessert”. I remember one time I was invited to a multi course dinner, and everyone was tapped out full. I’m sitting there waiting for dessert, but it never came. I’m thinking: what in the flying fuck! I spoke with the chef before leaving, and he said that he assumed that everyone was so full so he didn’t bring it out. On that note, that restaurant closed shortly after.

This was the 4th all sweets event that I’ve hosted at Motionsweets, and it won’t be the last. Enjoy the recap!


All pictures were taken by Kristen Penoyer
Check out her lovely photos at www.kristenpenoyer.com
Follow her on Instagram @kristen.penoyer

 photo 12182522_1651861428422268_9099708922263844065_o_zpsbfjpoqna.jpg

 photo 10989020_1651861495088928_2239150108082880044_o_zpscymq8enu.jpg

 photo 12109857_1651861358422275_3371994876406861370_o_zpszsf0kiix.jpg

 photo 12052437_1651861498422261_5579309750767790095_o_zps3zydt4rd.jpg

 photo 12186517_1651861818422229_857772138514377222_o_zpsb8e7fbaf.jpg

 photo 12185508_1651861488422262_8998341805768311926_o_zps3qakbdj4.jpg

 photo 12186534_1651861815088896_6690812642719501741_o_zpsa8geyqxh.jpg

 photo 12185293_1651861361755608_9063746206851099421_o_zpsdk7zucm3.jpg

 photo 11236449_1651862381755506_1969712386357354779_o_zps05vyiwz0.jpg

 photo 12194640_1651862168422194_4252182188141569852_o_zpsfilcursw.jpg

 photo 12195026_1651862078422203_3613378814476303338_o_zpstlbr9vie.jpg

 photo 12191159_1651862025088875_7000717394362468567_o_zps8ay8bybv.jpg

 photo 12182861_1651862521755492_342356993988923683_o_zpsmw1avjj3.jpg

 photo 12188090_1651862525088825_7349950305502223388_o_zpstvd2rmog.jpg


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