You should always have something to look forward to.

It gives you hope, it gives you that fuck it, 1 more day feeling, it gives you a reason to live.

For me, it usually involves vacations, eating good, and spending time with my friends. In a nutshell, the NOMNOMJAX events I host are all of these things. I remember when we only had 8 people in the group and now there is +250. #startedfromthebottom

I ate at Olio Market a couple months ago for the 4th time and it was so good that I went back the next week. They are known for their Duck Grilled Cheese Sandwich as featured on the Travel Channel. That sandwich always hits the spot, but I also tried the Blackened Fish Tacos, the Lobster Bisque, the Polynesian Pork Sandwich and then, I tried the Coffee Rubbed Duck…dun dun dun. There are few foods that make me think about life and this is one of them. As soon as I took that first bite, I knew I had to host a dinner here. Fast forward a couple weeks and we have dinner for 35 highlighting a trio of duck.

All pictures were taken by Kristen Penoyer
Check out her lovely photos at
Follow her on Instagram @kristen.penoyer

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0032_zps9hfwlw8r.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0016_zpssgnkzm5s.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0020_zpsjigzhhu5.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0021_zpstaqqfibs.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0005_zpsk6bk4oeb.jpg

“I think I went into food by the theatre of it. The flowers, the tables, the music, the decor, the happiness.” – Francis Mallman: The Chef’s Table Episode 3

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0025_zpspguvvubb.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0031_zps4mwrcqdh.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0029_zpsdbcmpk4o.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0028_zpsik3hqav4.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0018_zps2wsqrrtw.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0026_zpssodf2sdj.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0023_zpspfx5zviu.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0037_zpsgrq2l2zu.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0038_zpsmew79iky.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0040_zpsko7y1f9v.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0011_zpsnuhwpz0n.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax Olio-Group Shots-0008_zpsb7beb8yj.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0012_zpsiz111mbk.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0008_zpsntgrnddz.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0010_zpscee164qx.jpg

 photo Nom Nom Jax - Olio-0022_zpsy52caay7.jpg

The next event is at MotionSweets on October 20th at 730pm. For tickets and information:


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