Knead Bakeshop – 4/5/15

Before and after church is always a good time to eat. Then again, it’s always a good time. My parents aren’t always down for the noms, but my lil bro is. I like to take em to new nom spots and spend some bro time. I looked on Yelp and Knead came up, I’ve heard about them, and I always use to see it after leaving Community Loaves. The 1st couple reviews were good, it was close by, and that was enough for me.








Special lil salads.



Housemade lemonade was bomb. Free refills or nah? Nah =(


Jamon Serrano – Apple, Machego Cheese, Honey

I loved this sandwich. I usually make one at home with Turkey, Pears or Apples, cheese, then toast. The honey is the kicker and it wraps up all the flavor in your mouth like a blanket.

Champagne Shallot Dressing, with Herb de Provence Figs and Garlic Walnuts.

Salad was bomb too. The greens were mad fresh and snappy. I ate it with my hands like a bowss. I dont usually fk with figs, but I had a little time for these and I should of axed for more. Champagne Shallot dressing is very unique and tasty, the lil crunch of the garlic walnuts was a nice touch. My mom always buys Garlic peanuts from the Asian store, if you knew bout deez nuts you could relate.


Ball so hard.


Strawberry Hand Pie, bro went Lemon Poppy Scone.

Strawberry hand pie – I love strawberries. I was eyeing these pies from the start. After we killed our sandwiches, I walked over to the desserts and a guy damn near bought the whole row. Praise the lawd he left one for me. I got lucky cause they said they didn’t have anymore in the back. It looked better than it tasted, I like a super sweet pastry with strawberries on strawberries. This on the other hand was more suttle and less diabetic.

Lil bros Lemon Poppy Scone – They took the sugar rush route on this one. My little bro destroyed it, and I kept telling him one last bite until it was gone.


Pros –

1) Prices are really super reasonable, I wish Community Loaves has prices like this.

2) The bread is good, I suppose they make there own bread they are a bakeshop right?

3) Can wait to hit up the breakfast sandwiches before church, I tried to go this morning but they are closed on Easter…fml! I kneaded it!

Cons –

1) Service was pretty good, customer service was rather Ben Stein and stonefaced. I guess the girls were having a bad day.

2) Shitty hours



Tuesday – Sunday



In the end, I fux with the trendy lil Knead Bakeshop. Prices are great, food is bomb, desserts are pretty good. I still need to try some other sammiches, the pretzel bagel salmon sammy, the loaded croissant, the bold bean coffee, the homemade pecan butter, all the desserts, the list is endless.


Phone: (904) 634-7617


  • 1173 Edgewood Ave S
    Jacksonville, FL32205


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