Tapa That – 6 Course Bacon and Smoke Dinner 1/13/15

I’ve always heard good things about Tapa That, but I’ve never been. A couple of months ago my friend Jerry hosted a multi course Bacon Dinner and it blew my mind. I spoke with the chef and convinced her to do a remix of the menu for my peeps. We agreed on a menu and bam! Bacon and Smoke was created.


Tap (a) That




Jacksonville Magazine’s Top 50 Restaurants


Tapa That made it! Hawkers…eh


Inside view


1st Course: Bacon Mushroom Bisque with Panchetta Creme Fresh and Bacon Crostini

I loved this dish. My friend Anthony and I were talking about pouring this bisque over some rice or smothering some baked chicken with it….mmMMMm i’ll take another cup of soup and 2 more Crostini’s plz!


Bacon Salad Bowls of Baby Spinach, Dried Cranberries, and a Bacon Shallot Vinaigrette

You really can’t go wrong with a bowl of bacon. Minus the lil chunks of Blue Cheese and I’m happy!


Bacon Nests


Smoked Sausage and Apple Bruschetta with Brie cheese and Raspberry Jalapeno Balsamic Glaze

I loved this dish. A french bread pizza of this would be awesome. All the flavors worked very well together and I love Raspberry, Apples, and the Jalepeno kick at the end was nice!


4th Course: Smoked Chicken Breast on a bed of Avocado Oil rubbed Kale and Quinoa with fresh Avocado, Strawberries and a Citrus Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette

Oh man! This was the best dish of the night for me! The strawberries were to die for! My friend Jerry doesn’t like strawberries, but tonight he found a lil time! I could eat a box of these. I talked to Chef Ariel at the end and all she said was she put Agave Nectar on them. You would think she flew them in from the best farms in California or something.  Avacado oil MMMmmM, I love guac! The quinoa was a nice contrast in texture. The dressing was perfect, the Kale, the Chicken it was all perfect. This should be a special on their menu. I don’t usually eat healthy, but when I do I picture this masterpiece.


5th Course: Asian braised Short Ribs with Purple Cabbage and Red Pepper Slaw

I really loved the sweet glaze on the Short Ribs. I needed more rice though, c’mon I’m asian! The slaw was pretty good too.


6th Course: Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie with smoked Pecan crumbles

This was what everyone was looking forward too. Well at least on my side of the table. I really loved the smoked flavor of the pecans and the Maple Bourbon inside. I snuck in the kitchen afterwards and caught them destroying these lol….I know how ya’ll feel back there MMmmMMm.


Katrice is her natural habitat!


Nom Nom Nom Nom Club


In the end, Tapa That is the shit. If you were to look at the normal menu, it’s much more toned down and on the healthier side. I encourage them to run some of these dishes as specials, especially that Strawberry Kale Salad! They also have a brunch with bottomless Mimosas that I need to check out. Either way, Chef Ariel is a beast in the kitchen and deserves to be in The Top 50 Restaurants in Jacksonville. Thank you for accommodating us crazy foodies and we’ll see you at brunch!


Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/tapa-that-jacksonville-2

Tapa That on Urbanspoon


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