Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint – Served With Love 1/9/15


I 1st heard about Uncle Maddio’s from my friend Jill. She invited me to a special blogger event, but I had an event planned at The Blind Rabbit at the same time =(. On my lunch break at work I drove by Uncle Maddio’s by accident. There was a massive marshamallow sign that said like us on Facebook for free pizza. I quickly whipped my phone out, liked their page, and invited some friends to join me. They also have a flyer on their Facebook page for a free 3 topping pizza. I ended up going two days in a row =) What is better than pizza? FREE PIZZA of course!


They have a huge marshmallow like sign near the road, like them on Facebook for a free pizza!


Hormone-Free Chicken? I got a lil time


The manager came by and gave us free Cannoli’s while we were in line! That’s what I’m talkin bout =)




Line with Anthony in blue lol


Pizzas on pizza on pizza! My pie is ^ this one! Traditional Crust, Half Pesto Sauce, Half Tomato Basil, Homemade Meatball, White Mushroom, and Eggplant.




Bitches love cake




Did you know?


“Starfish” Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie


In the end, Uncle Maddio knows what he’s doing!

Pizza is damn good!

1) My friend made a Traditional Crust, Ranch (base sauce), Turkey, and Bacon and it was exceptional.

2) The 1st pizza was Traditional Crust, Tomato (base sauce), Chicken, Portabello Mushrooms and Pineapple. My 2nd pizza was Traditional Crust, Half Pesto Sauce, Half Tomato Basil, Homemade Meatball, White Mushroom, and Eggplant. Both were great.

Desserts are unique and shipped from directly from New York and the service and staff are top notch.

The 1st time I went, the owner was handing out free Cannoli’s to us waiting in line. I meant to get some Cannoli’s in NYC on my last trip and eating the one’s here made me regret it.  Their chunky, starfish looking, chocolate cookies are delish as well and before we left the manager gave us an extra choco chip cookie. I had a bite of the Coca-Cola cake, it was super moist and the frosting was delicious! I was talking to one of the corporate managers and I asked him for one of the Uncle Maddio’s hats and he gave me one!


One of the other employees was really cool, I think she was the Social Media Manager. We had a good chat waiting in line. Uncle Maddio’s is doing everything right and I hope it does well. It’s a nice addition to Jacksonville’s food scene!


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