Bazille – Oh, You Fancy Huh?! 12/20/14


I was suppose to meet my friend Maya to pick up some money for a dinner and we ended up planning a lunch meeting. It ended up being a lunch party. I asked her where she wanted to eat it at, she said Bazille, and I agreed. I heard about Bazille from my friend Katrice on her blog: . It’s located in the fancy shmancy Nordstrom in the St. Johns Town Center on the 2nd floor. My friend Anna said it cost $800,000 to build Bazille. Let’s hope they put that money to good use!

On Bazille’s onlne menu it says:


That’s why we’re committed to bringing you local, sustainable
and organic foods and environmentally friendly products.
-Milk that’s free from BGH
-Cage free eggs
-Organic produce items including baby lettuce, baby spinach and
-Locally sourced produce and organic tomatoes when
-Organic iced tea
-Products that are free from hydrogenated and partially-
hydrogenated fats or oils

baz-1-2 Entrance: picture by Katrice S. via: baz-2 Menu baz-3 Blueberry Lavander Martini: Local Craft Vodka, Fresh Lemon Juice, Muddled Blueberries Cot damn! This drink is the shit! Our table must of ordered 12 of these by the time we left. The lavender is what makes it unique. The visual appeal alone will make you order it. baz-4 You can watch them cook your noms or spit in your food lol baz-6 Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza – Pepperoni, Mushroom, Sweet Tomato Sauce, Fresh Basil, Oregano, Mozzerella, and Aged Provolone Cheeses. I also added some Red Bell Peppers cause I need to eat more veggies. I could see the fancy pizza oven through the looking glass and I’ve been on a homemade pizza kick for awhile now so I decided to go with some pizza. I knew mi madre wasn’t going to eat all of her Asparagus n Shrimp Risotto so I had to be strategic in ordering my entree. Our waitress said that the Pizza dough is imported from NYC. I planned on taking the leftovers home, but I inhaled it. baz-5 Grill Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto – Creamy Carnaroli Rice, Rich Lemon Scented Broth with Parmesan Cheese, Wild Shrimp and Grilled Asparagus This was a very good dish. The shrimp had a nice char on them and they were plump and juicy. The Risotto was super creamy, it reminded me of next level Shrimp and Grits. My friend Anna ordered a side of the Mushroom Risotto and damn that shhh was scrumptious. I will order Shrimp and Mushroom Risotto next time. baz-7 Sauteed Chicken & Angel Hair Pasta – Breast of chicken, angel hair pasta, roasted garlic tomato sauce, organic baby spinach, oyster mushrooms and rosemary butter sauce. My friend Brendalyn ordered this but said it was bland. The mgr came around and promptly switched it out for the Crab Macaroni and Cheese. She didn’t like the Crab Mac either, I tried it also and wasn’t a fan. You have to be a hands down cheese lover to like this Mac and Cheese. Again the mgr came around and she replaced it with some Pizza. I applaud Bazille for making sure she was happy even though it took the 3rd time to be the charm. Also, they only charged her for her wine. baz-8 This sums up our lunch


In the end, I would give the fancy lil bistro 4/5 stars. Watch them cook your food. Get the Blueberry Lavender Martini, try the pizza, the Mushroom Risotto, and you’ll be fine. If you order something and you don’t like it, tell them.


Phone Number: (904)674-2210


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