3 reasons why you should have a Food Blog! 12/3/14


numberone-1: You get invited to eat for free! Everyone I know that has a food blog gets invited to eat for free all the time, they have even got paid to promote, and received gift cards. I’ve been to food blogger dinners where you get tons of food and all you have to do is blog about it. I use to food blog in California for a company and the requirements were to they give you a gift card for $50 and all I had to do was blog.  I got to try crazy foods like Blueberry Filet Mignon. My California food blog: http://natedoesfood.tumblr.com/


42309-red-number-2-printed-latex-balloon: Networking! People who love food are pretty flippin cool! You can find out about restaurants you don’t know about, find out about other free events, and I have met a couple of people that I hang out with all the time.



856-NB-Number-3 : It’s a food diary, you get to look back on all the good times you had and relive them!



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