Blind Rabbit x Cigar City Brewing – 6 Course Beer Pairing 11/20/14

My friend Anthony told me about a 6-course Beer dinner at Total Wine. I click the link and it says $20 you get to try 6 beers by Cigar City and 6 courses by the Blind Rabbit. I’m like HOLD UP, $20?


There wasn’t a menu yet, so I stalked the Blind Rabbit Facebook page. I found a menu and past pictures from a past beer dinner and I was sold! Think about it, 6 beers that’s less than $2/beer, less than $2/course, and tax/tip is included?? Are you serious? Yes, this is real life. I bought by ticket and told all my nommers to sign up with the quickness. Many slept, but the chosen few that got in were in for a treat! I’ll let the pictures speak.


The promised land


Menu – Sixth course = TBA?? Okay! A little suspense


Beautiful setup


Can’t sit here


Cigar City




Blind Rabbit’s menu with the Cat Daddy Moonshine option!


The Cat Daddy dance


1st Course – Belgian Endive Salad – Frisee, Orange, Spiced Walnuts, Orange Vinaigrette, Heirloom Tomatoes

Look at the presentation, the colors, the crunch, the citrus, the beautiful heirloom tomato. The only down side was one of the spiced walnuts had some shell in it. Endive or frisee is a leaf vegetable belonging to the daisy family. A nice change of pace for your normal veggies.


1st Course – Solo


1st Beer – Florida Cracker Belgian White Ale 5.5%


They let us keep the big glass, but not this one =(


2nd Course – Crab and Corn Chowder on deck

I loved the Crab and Corn Chowder. This is something I probably would of never ordered, I got caught scraping the bottom of my cup.


2nd Course – Solo


2nd Beer – Oh Helle Yeah! Helles Lager 5 %


3rd Course – Jerk Shrimp – House Made Jerk Rub, Sweet Corn Puree, Jicama-Apple Slaw

Again another awesome presentation. The shrimp was slightly salty but the sweetness of the Apple countered it. I was scraping every last bit of that sweet corn puree as well!


Jerk Shrimp – Mise en place



3rd Course – Solos


My friend Katrice aka in her natural habitat


3rd Beer – Arggghhh! Me pirate beer! Invasion 5%


4th course prep – Pork Belly on deck


Next step – Bun and Sauce


4th Course – Pork Belly Slider – Arugula, Goat Cheese, Red Onion, Heirloom Tomato, Orange BBQ Sauce

My group had the best seat in the house, we were right in front of the cooking and prep station. We could hear the sizzle and smell the aroma of pork belly. Look at those pictures and tell me that’s not a sexy pork belly. I knew Blind Rabbit was good but damn, I gotta stop ordering their burgers and try the other stuff. Easily, my favorite dish of the night. Lastly, the presentation no words needed.


4th Beer – Jai Alai aka Hi! I lie!


5th Course – Whiskey Smoked Slider – Smoked Gouda, Smoked Onions & Mushrooms, 5 Pepper Jelly

This is actually the only burger that I’ve ever tried from The Blind Rabbit and probably won’t get topped. I’m a sucker for mushrooms and smoked gouda cheese. The five pepper jelly takes it to the next level. I got the perfect shot of the sexiest one they prepared.


5th Beer – Maduro Brown Ale 5.5%


6th Course – TBA? I’m thinking in my head: please be dessert! Ask and you shall receive! Behold, The S’more Brownie Milkshake – Belgian Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Peanut Butter, Graham Cracker Streusel , Bruleed Housemade Marshmallow! Brownie/S’more? All I gotta say is YASSSSSSSS! They had the blender out with some extra smoothie and they let me have the rest! They also gave my group extra brownies! =))))


6th Beer – Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout – Stout aged on Cacao Nibs, Ancho and Pasilla Chiles, Cinnamon and Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

People were begging for this bottle and trying to buy some from the Cigar City Rep. It tasted like Chocolate beer. This was my favorite, but had to give the rest of my portion away cause I had to go haul ass to watch the Hungergames.


Group photo


Old nommers and new nommers


– We sat right in front of the Food table =)
– The execution of the dinner was FLAWLESS!
– Each beer and each course was explained in detail, 6 courses and 6 beers were served in an extremely timely fashion only about an hour and a half.
– The presentation was on point, there had to be at least 5 colors and 3 textures in each dish
– Like I said earlier, I knew Blind Rabbit was good, but damn they are on point!
– Taste, I was salivating for more on every dish and the Pork Belly Slider is godly.
– $20 for 6 courses and 6 beers is the steal of the century!
– The setup was beautiful and we got a free Cigar City Glass.
– I could go on forever, I even talked to the manager about doing an event for my Nom Nom Club, so expect a review of that in your near future.


– I about broke a tooth on a shell from a spiced walnut.
In the end, if you ever see Cigar City or Blind Rabbit hosting a beer dinner you have to attend! From stalking Blind Rabbit’s Facebook it seems to happen frequently. If there is a mailing list to tell you when the next one is, put me on it. If you can’t make a dinner, then go to the Riverside location or Beaches location of Blind Rabbit.

**I will be hosting a 3 beer/ 6 course meal on January 6th. If you would like to attend please check the events page.

Total Wine

Cigar City

Blind Rabbit

Riverside –

Beaches –


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