Community Loaves – Pizza Night 11/19/14

I always told myself that I’d never come to Community Loaves Pizza Night. Mainly because there ain’t no meat in dem pies! Lately, I’ve had a change a heart about vegetarianism. I recently went to a 5 Course vegan dinner and I met Jax Vegan Love there too. JVL posted a groupon for Community Loaves that was $7 for $12 and I couldn’t say no. I invited some nommers and pizza night was a go!


The ambiance at Community Loaves – Pizza Night


Pizza Menu


Water, silverware, napkin stand


Pizza A – Red Sauce, Romano Cheese, Creamy Eggplant, and Red Onion

I really loved the red sauce and eggplant on this pizza. Being a meat eater, I craving Pepperoni or Chicken. I wonder why they don’t offer organic proteins and such cause I would happily pay a pretty penny.


Pizza B – White Bean Puree, Chantrelle Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, and Garlic Oil

White Bean Puree? I’m about that life. You won’t find this on any pizza in jax. Mushrooms and onions were a little on the skimpy side. I’ll take extra puree and toppings next time.


Our table


Apple Pie

I didn’t have room after nearly finishing both pizzas, but I had to get a slice of Apple Pie. Not only is it beautiful, but this is def the best Apple Pie that I have ever eaten! I think there is a hint a lemon and that rye crust takes it to the next level! I cut this piece into 3 and let my parents try it and they were blown away as well. Community Loaves is selling whole pies for $24, definitely try a slice!


Community Loaves picture of their pie – dem leaves though!

-Ambiance is crazy, you have to experience this pizza night at least once
-The pizza is damn good and the flavors are unique.
-The Apple Pie is the truth, make sure you call ahead cause I’ve been trying to hunt down another slice and they have been sold out.

-No meat, I might have to sneak in a ziplock bag of pepperoni next time hahhah
-Not the biggest fan of the crust, kind of chewy and thick on the ends.
-It was cold AF that night and they didn’t have heaters. They did have blankets though.
-They were sold out of their signature rosemary garlic bread =(
In the end, Community Loaves pizza night is a winner. The ambiance is like a secret garden with Christmas lights. The music, the vibe, the napkins, the music, is a blast from the past and is very unique. What’s funny is I took one piece of each pizza to go, I heated both in the oven the next day and it tasted better than it did when it was fresh….who knows, maybe i was just hungry! Apple Pie, Apple Pie, Apple Pie!


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