The Ice Plant – St. Augustine 11/16/14


I’ve had The Ice Plant on my hit list for a long time now. My friend Martha invited me and some other nommers to go to dinner and I couldn’t say no. Yelp has The Ice Plant rated 4.5/5 stars and i’m expecting nothing less. I know this isn’t in Jacksonville, but it’s close enough!




The Amelia – Aylesbury Duck Vodka, Blackberry Puree, Elderflower Liqueur, Mint, Lemon. I found a picture of The Amelia on Yelp, but it wasn’t on the menu. Our waitress Maggie said she could make but would have to replace the Blackberry Puree for Grapefruit and other citrus juices. It was really good i loved the zing of the grapefruit, it was strong but still had great flavor, everyone at my table took a sip and loved it. It reminds of my favorite drink at Orsay, the French Pear Martini, but with Grapefruit. Another thing I saw on Yelp was the sphere of ice. I asked Maggie about it and she said it only comes with certain drinks. When she brought my Amelia she brought me a sphere of ice too! That’s what I’m talkin bout Maggielicious!


The infamous sphere of ice!


I always ask the server what their favorite is and this time it was Shrimp and Grits. I’m always apprehensive when ordering S & G, so I asked her im not going to get 4 pieces of shrimp right?  She said it’s usually 7-8 and i got 7. I don’t usually get grits, but these were on point. Silky smooth, creamy, buttery, and scraped that plate dry. Green beans were snappy and fresh. The shrimp was perfectly seasoned, not to salty, I could of ate 50 of them shramps. I would def recommend this dish! I wonder how much extra shrimp costs?


2 people at my table got the Ice Plant grass fed burger and I got to destroy half of one. Nice thick patty, bacon-chive aioli was on point, and fresh greens. The fries were crunchy and seasoned well. I think there was parmesan on them..kind of reminded me of Burgerfi. Either way, I couldn’t stop eating them.



-Food is bomb. I would easily order Shrimp & Grits, The Amelia, and the Grass Fed burger again.

-Service is just as good as the food, if you can request for Maggie as your waitress do it. She went above and beyond on everything, is genuinely nice, and wants you to have a great experience. One of the girls in my party wasn’t happy with drink and she fixed it all with a great attitude. It’s like Chic fil a….my pleasure.

-Cool vibe, it’s an old Ice plant and It feels like a haunted house. What else do you need to know.


-No reservations, 1st come, 1st serve

-It’s a little pricey so save yer nickles.

-Not open for lunch on weekends. This would be perfect before or after hitting the outlets.

-Parking is a biatch, I did 3 laps around the Ice Plant before finding a spot. Then again, it was a Saturday night.

-It’s super dark in there, but it’s part of the vibe.


In the end, if your anywhere near St. Augustine you should come to the Ice Plant. Cool unique vibe, flavorful food and drink, and primo service.




110 Riberia St

St. Augustine, FL


Phone number: (904) 829-6553

The Ice Plant on Urbanspoon


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