The Florida Yacht Club – Jacksonville 11/12/14

I was eating with a friend the other day and he tells me that he got invited to eat and review The Florida Yacht Club. He said he could bring one person and asked me if I wanted to join him! I looked him in the eyes and said:


Yelp has it rated at 4.5/5 stars =). Let’s do it! When we arrived, Executive Sous Chef JoJo Hernandez greeted us with a tour of the Florida Yacht Club. Chef Hernandez has been at the FYC since 2001. You can tell he loves his job because the way he talks about food and he has a certain glow about him like he hasn’t worked a day in his life. They have a beautiful view of downtown Jacksonville and this picture below does not do it any justice. The FYC hosts numerous things, they had a business meeting, a private party, and a wine tasting all in motion while we were there. He also said they do an Oyster roasts, a Fried Shrimp night, and a Fried Chicken night! Had my stomach growling! Then, we got to meet the Executive Chef Stephan Bechan. Chef Bechan did his internship at the Ritz Carlton on Amelia Island and that was all I needed to hear. Have you eaten at Salt at Amelia Island? If not, put it at the top of your list! They gave us the option to either order from the menu or go Omakase style (Japanese for Chef’s choice). I just got back from New York and definitely Omakase is the way to go.


That view


Course 1 – Salmon Duo

Man! Now that my friends is a sexy plate! Salmon 2 ways? I got a lil time for that! The left side is Salmon tartare served with a bread crisp. The right side is Salmon sashimi served with pickled veggies and a yuzu soy vinaigrette drizzle. I straight inhaled this dish!


Course 2 – Oyster Stew

First of all, I love Oysters! Raw, steamed, grilled, you name it. I liked the cooked oysters, but the fried one was where it’s at! Gimmie 10 of those, some cocktail sauce, and some wine, I’m set. Oysters sat in a bed of fresh veggies and a flavorful clam chowder like broth.


Course 3 – Fall Spice Duck with Apple Butternut Hash

I’m not the biggest fan of duck, but this made me a believer! Nice char on the outside, a lil ring of fat at the top, juicy, tender, mMmMm! That hash though! Apples, butternut squash, and a garlic orange gastrique. Sounds like everything I need in life! It was so good I ate each little piece really slow. This what I picture room service delivering to me for my morning breakfast. Apple butternut hash, waffles, sausage, OJ, and some fruit.


I can dream


Course 4 – House made Ground Steak Meatball with Angel Hair Pasta

You know what they say, it aint easy being cheesy! I’m not the biggest cheese fan. I’m not the type of person that can just eat string cheese by it’s lonesome. To me the Pecorino cheese was too much, I just set it to the side. To a cheese lover, it will prob hit the spot. The real MVP was the Chianti marinara sauce! (A Chianti wine is any wine produced in the Chianti region, in central Tuscany). I literally told the chef they need to bottle it up and sell it because I would buy it in a heartbeat.


Course 5 – 24 Hour Braised Short Rib

Served with Jasmine rice, chinese long bean stir fry, and kim chi veggies. This dish was ok. I’m not a kim chee lover, but I did like dipping the short rib in the broth it was swimming in and the snappy green beans.


Course 6 – Granny Smith Apple Pie

My favorite part of a meal is dessert. They brought out a Granny Smith Apple pie with house made caramel ice cream, strawberry brûlée, topped with white chocolate pearl. First of all, strawberries and white chocolate are my weakness! Brûlée’d strawberries take it to the next level intensifying the flavor. It was so good, I asked for more! and I’m not ashamed at all! Dip those in chocolate and I’d probably start foaming at the mouth. The white chocolate pearls…my mouth is watering as I type. I use to get this white Nestle Chocolate bar called Alpine White when I was younger and this brought back fond memories. Ahhh White Tolberone too! It was like a single rice krispy dipped in white chocolate. Chef said they have all kinds of flavors in the back. That pie was made with love and I was scraping the plate.


-The food is top notch. Presentation is on sexy. Flavor combinations are unique.
-Fall Spice Duck with Apple Butternut Hash period!
-Service is 5 diamond caliber, Veronica took very good care of us even thought she had like 10 tables. The general manager came around to make sure we were completely satisfied.
-The Chefs are passionate and really care about your experience


-It’s a private club and not open to the public, but if you want to throw a special event they are more than happy to host it.
In the end, you have to find a way to eat at The Florida Yacht Club. 5 stars for sure! Thank you to Chef Hernandez and Chef Bechan for a memorable dinner. I hope to host an event at the FYC real soon or even my birthday dinner in February. Make sure to follow Chef Hernandez on Instagram @Feedyourcreation and on Facebook at Feed Your Creation. To my friend, thank you so much for the invite. If you ever need anything, I got you!


5210 Yacht Club Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Phone number: (904) 387-1653


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